Hurrah! The first episode of SciComm stories is now live!

This week we talk to Dr Peter Bickerton, resident poet at Thought for Food and Science Communications and Outreach Manager at the Earlham Institute. Peter has run a poetry blog The Juggling Doctor for over a decade and has enjoyed a spotlight in the mainstream media as ‘the crazy guy who eats bugs’. Since then he’s performed his poetry at numerous public engagement events. We chat to him about how he got involved in all this, his tips for writing poetry, as well as enjoying a performance of a poem from his book: Millennial: a decade of dreams, nightmares and perspective.

Later, we discuss the intersection between science and the arts. Are the two fields so different? What can we learn from the arts to benefit science communication? And how can researchers partner with artists to engage people with their research?

Peter’s blog:
Find the rest of Peter’s links here.

Dream of the forest (jazzy mix) by articom (c) copyright 2020 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.


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